About Us

Felvenza S.A., Lloyd's Agents in Ecuador since 1994 was established to provide a completely independent, pre-shipment survey service, weighing, sample analysis, among others, to the Ecuadorian commodity trade. We represent, as agents and/or correspondents, the most important Reinsurance Associations and Insurance/Inspection companies of the world, among which we can name:  

For such purposes, FELVENZA S.A. has inspectors, technicians and highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in this type of controls, and measuring equipment needed for different categories of inspection. It also has offices in the main cities of Ecuador, allowing an immediate reaction to the needs of its customers.

All operations FELVENZA S.A. are according to the quality standards ISO 9001: 2008 and certified by the prestigious accrediting body "UKAS" of England.

Additionally our company is accredited by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Organization OAE as inspection body type A and in compliance with the requirements of the Standard NTE INEN ISO / IEC 17020-2013.

Moreover, for all our operations we apply standards and security procedures "Business Alliance for Secure Commerce" "BASC".

Our inspection reports are internationally recognized instrument highly, with an emphasis on the field of insurance for any contingency of our customers generally Shipping Lines, P & I, Transport in general or for purposes that may be appropriate.